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Our knowledgeable helpline staff are happy to give advice on your pond, fish health or the use of our treatments,


01934 633 000

All the things that you didn't realise you needed.


Pond nets

A extensive range of pond nets to

fit any size of pond available

in a variety of sizes from

2 x 3mtrs up to 10 x 6mtrs.



Even though all our sets come with more then

enough pegs, we do sell spares.

Available in packs of 6


Hessian for your pond plants, you will need hessian to stop your aquatic soil from ending up in the pond.

Available in 18" x 18"squares



Growing Media


The perfect growing

media for all aquatics

plants. All plants need food to grow and aquatic plants are no exception, iGrow is formulated to encourage plant growth without creating algae in you pond.

Available in 6, 12 & 24ltr sizes.

Algae pad

This is the perfect "EASY TO USE" product.

Simply add Algae Pad to your pond & it

will quickly & effectively remove all algae.

Algae pads unique 4 way control

Mechanical, Environmental, Biological

& Chemical ensures  algae is removed

from your pond

Each Pad will treat ponds with up to

1,100 gallons, for larger ponds multiple pad can be used; Or Algae Pad XL is now available.

Medi pad

This is the perfect beginers treatment or those unsure of the exact cause of their fish health problems.

This unique pad is able to remedy  

general pond water issues


Each pad will treat pond up to 1,100 gallons,


The U.K’s best selling

and most effective water

feature cleaner, suitable

for all types of self

contained water features.

Sparkle 'works like

magic' removing stubborn

dirt & algae from even the

most intricate of water feature designs.


Simply add to any water feature and Sparkle will work quickly & effectively to give you outstanding results.


Sparkle is available in small & large sizes,

(In most cases the small size Sparkle will significantly improve the appearance of most average size water features).