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Our knowledgeable helpline staff are happy to give advice on your pond,

fish health or the use of our treatments,

7 DAYS A WEEK! 01934 633 000





Simply mix correct amount of powder with pond water in a bucket or watering

can and pour into the pond. Distribute evenly over the surface of the pond. For blanketweed try to pour around the edge of the pond where the algae is growing.


Dose: Use one heaped spoonful per 65 gallons (300ltrs) of pond water.

           No more pond sludge & no more greenwater can be double dosed

           maximum effect.


Repeat dosing: All treatment can be re-dosed after 10-14 days if the problem    


Q: When can I add No More water treatments to my pond?

A: As soon as the pond temperature starts to rise algae will start to increase, you   can add the No More blanketweed & greenwater treatments as soon as you see      

signs of increased growth in pond algae.


No More pond sludge can be first added at the end of the winter into spring to

help clean your pond as the pond system starts up after it’s winter dormancy

We suggest using No More pond sludge throughout the year to help keep

your pond sparkling clean.


Q: How long do I have to wait between adding No More treatments?

A: There are no hard or fast rules concerning the adding of treatments, but we  

would suggest leaving 10 to 14 days between treatments. This will allow the        

first chemical to do its job before adding another.


A partial water change or top up may be advisable as any pond treatment and subsequent effect may cause the oxygen levels in the pond to fall.  Also algae issues tend occur in the summer months when pond oxygen levels can fall rapidly. Remember to add TAP dechlorinator to any fresh water added to your pond.


Q: Will No More blanketweed work on greenwater & vice versa?

A: All algae treatments will have some affect on other algae, but for the effective

treatment of specific algae types it is advisable to use a treatment that is

formulated to be effective against specific algae.



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